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Welcome to SiamSurvey.com

      If you need an online survey for quickly response and correctly result. We, Siamsurvey.com pleased to offer "An Online Survey" for help you to save your money and your time.


Why use SiamSurvey.com?

  • We support for "Select-One Choice", "Select-Multiple Choice" or Rating answer.
  • We support for "Other" answer (Please defied)
  • We have a standard question for demographic information (such as sex, age, income etc.)
  • We have a verify tool for incorect answer or forget to do.
  • We have "Real-time report" for checking out who is filling your survey as it happens with our online real-time report. Available 24 hours.
  • You can also export your survey responses to work with other popular analytical software (Micosoft Excel, SPSS) or other program to support CSV (Comma-Separated Value) or TSV (Tab-Separated Value).
  • We support "Multilanguage" survey form.
  • We have transfer survey form to other language.
  • Variety survey online pattern and colourful form.
  • Quick responses. We build the survey for you. All you have to do is provide us the list of questions and your survey will be online within 1 hours.
  • Inexpensive and pay for what you need.
  • And other feature is coming soon.


What can SiamSurvey.com do for you?

  • Education & Training

          For student, you can use an online survey for making a report. For educators, speakers and trainers,  you can use an online survey to conduct quizzes, tests and course evaluations online. You can even perform training compliance self-checks.

  • Research

          Our survey onlne is as powerful as it is simple. It can be used for all types of research for marketers, product managers, academics and students alike.

  • Employee Feedback

         You can use an online survey to conduct employee performance reviews, measure employee satisfaction or gather feedback on corporate issues, courses and events.

  • Customer Satisfaction

         You can measure customer satisfaction. Get feedback on a new product/service or learn more about purchase behaviors, SiamSurvey.com can get you answers fast.

  • Event Planning

         Manage scheduling, registration and post-event evaluations. Even gather attendee preferences and interests along the way.

  • Just for Fun

         Quiz your friends on pop trivia, learn about your family's history, find out what kind of music your co-workers like or vote on which movie to see tonight. Whatever questions you can dream up, we can help you get them answered.


      Let'see our sample

      If have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us at info@siamsurvey.com or 08-6307-9703

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